Housetel Jaipur

When I travel to various destinations, the main thing I look for is engaging with fellow travelers, and sharing stories along with some good food. Some who travel with me, and some I meet during my journey.

One such journey was my motorcycle ride from Mumbai to Spiti Valley via Jaipur. Mumbai to Indore on day 1. Indore to Jaipur on day 2 was a fun ride via Kota. And after a day riding under the sun, my co-riders and I could only wish for a comfortable evening with some good food and a cosy ambience to relax.

A traveler’s abode!

What better a place than Housetel Jaipur, a traveler’s hostel with a beautifully designed cafe named Step Out. It serves some amazing vegan options to suit your appetite, along with other delicious options too. Housetel Jaipur also has a book room, great place to sit and hang out, has really good Wi-Fi. Only if you choose to not notice the ambience and aura around.

The cafe is one of the renowned restaurants located in C-scheme. It is near major tourist attractions, especially the Albert Hall Museum, Rajmandir, MI Road and the Central Park. Housetel Jaipur attracts backpackers from various corners of  the world. The place has become a hub for artists, writers, readers and travelers visiting Jaipur and the locals too. The place gets really packed with talented individuals during the Jaipur Literature Festival.