Step out : Travelled Themed Cafe

Step out is a travelled themed cafe serving Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, vegan, Bakery, gluten-free and English breakfast. As soon as you enter the cafe, you will find lots and lots of upcycled masterpieces of art on the walls. Every corner of the restaurant or cafe is beautifully decorated that it would even become a little difficult for you […]

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When In Jaipur, Head To Step Out Cafe For Their Epic Vegan Menu & Book Lounge

Jaipur is a gift that keeps giving. This time, we’re here to gush about the city’s first-of-its-kind book lounge that goes by the name Step Out. On your next road trip, you must spend a lazy afternoon at this cafe-cum-library that comes with a beautiful garden and a killer vegan menu. What Makes It Awesome […]


Housetel Jaipur & Step Out Cafe – A Traveler’s Abode

Housetel Jaipur When I travel to various destinations, the main thing I look for is engaging with fellow travelers, and sharing stories along with some good food. Some who travel with me, and some I meet during my journey. One such journey was my motorcycle ride from Mumbai to Spiti Valley via Jaipur. Mumbai to […]

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